Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Top 20 Trashy TV Shows

Entertainment Weekly recently released their list of the "22 Most Appaling TV Shows." We thought their list was lacking, so we compiled our own list of the Top 20 Trashy TV Shows.

Hurl! (G4, 2008) - Lets watch people get sick: mmm... vomit.

19. I Love Money (VH1, 2008) - People really will do anything to make a buck and prolong their 15 minutes.

18. Jail (My 9 Network, 2008) - Thought COPS was bad? This is what happens when those people get behind bars.

17. Child Nation (CBS, 2007) - Lets exploit children by having them form their own society! Apparently no one read Lord of the Flies.

16. Britney and Kevin: Chaotic (UPN, 2005) - It's Britney and K-Fed: what did you expect other than trailer park trashy TV?

15. The Anna Nicole Smith Show (E!, 2002) - She may not have been TrimSpa crazy, but came pretty close.

14. The Swan (Fox, 2004) - Basically a plastic surgery competition. Vanity peaks at its all time high.

13. Temptation Island (Fox 2001) - Should have been called "Let's Cheat."

12. Cheaters (Syndicated, 2000) - It's shocking to see who's unfaithful, especially when it may be someone you know.

11. Flavor Flav Dynasty of Shows (VH1, 2006) - How could anything starring a crack head wearing a viking helmet and his ghetto fabulous gal pal be good?

10. Shows about marrying millionare's (Fox) - I ain't saying she's a gold-digger...

9. Wife Swap (ABC, 2004)/Trading Spouses (Fox, 2004) - Words cannot describe the utter ridiculousness of this show.

8. Big Brother (CBS)/Real World (MTV) - They find the craziest people imaginable and put them under one roof - what did you think would happen? Whats more is that these stars and appear on subsequent spin-offs.

7. The Simple Life (Fox, 2003) - Why, oh why, did someone give those two a TV show? So not hot!

6. My Super Sweet 16 (MTV, 2005) - Reminding the whole world how America sucks at parenting.

5. Any Show on MTV - I can't tell you the last time this channel played a music video. Anyone?

4. The Littlest Groom (Fox, 2004) - Same this as The Bachelor... except with midgets.

3. The Bachelor (ABC, 2002) - What's not sleazy about a man dating 25 women at the same time?

2. COPS (Fox, 1989) - Lets exploit blundering felons! The grandfather of trashy television.

1. The Jerry Springer Show (Syndicated, 1991) - Lets get the most dysfunctional people ever a place them in a television studio to "talk" out their problems. Yeah right.

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